OCHBA 2006 - Best Custom Bathrooms over 75 sq. ft.

Our Clients wanted a sleek, contemporary, clean lined bathroom that would leave a lasting impression. Accustomed to living in a Toronto loft, we needed to transform their 60’s split Bungalow into a flexible space with room to entertain, or just to contemplate.

The design needed to be unconventional yet functional.

award_2006bathroomThe transformation started by claiming the guest room adjacent to the master bedroom. We created a subtle division between the two by allowing for a large 45” wide barn door as the separation between the two rooms. We also doubled the size of the existing window to allow for a large amount of light to penetrate the space.

Strong geometry was key to this space. The floating lacquer vanity is framed by a 3”thick asymmetrical concrete counter. A 48” rectangular, 2 person sink is balanced by the floating 48 x 48 medicine cabinets made of walnut. In order to create the unconventional while maintaining the functional, the cabinet storage is accessed by side pull-outs - his and her. The elevation is completed by the addition of 3 walnut niches above the toilet.

The tub deck/shower enclosure also creates a strong statement. The tub deck, made of concrete supports the ‘vessel’ tub, which sits 4” above the deck. For the moments of contemplations we added a recessed plasma tv above the tub for viewing pleasure. The bold statement made by the grey-toned polished concrete is balance by the cream, polished 12x24 tiles in the shower.

Of course in an open concept design well thought out storage is a necessity. We designed a floor to ceiling, wall to wall storage unit consisting of 15x15 walnut, flat panel doors. We rotated each panel a quarter turn to create a basket weave grain design. A small detail with large impact. Functionally, the base cabinet of this unit houses a large laundry pull-out that can be accessed by the adjacent laundry room!

A perfect example of a design where the sum of the parts create the whole - Asymmetrical in nature while creating a perfect balance.




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