OCHBA 2006 - Renovation Under $40,000

awards_2006pikorOur Clients home was in desperate need of an interior facelift. As this project clearly proves, a small budget can go along way!

Our Client wanted to open up their living space and most importantly make the fireplace deserving of the focal point that it was. To achieve this feat within our given budget, we kept the existing fireplace structure, including the wood burning fireplace (only adding a new screen) and designed on top of it.

Our design, with strong geometric lines is an asymmetrical balance of faux finished drywall at different depths, a lit cherry niche, slate and a 3” thick, self supporting cherry mantle that wraps the far corner drawing the eye up into the dining room.

To complete our transformation we replaced the well-worn wall to wall carpeting with hardwood and removed the partition between the dining room and entry drastically improving the open concept floor space.

The antiquated accordion closet door was replaced with custom cherry panel doors and stainless steel reveals in the same finish as the mantel. Finally, new lighting was incorporated into the design and all was complete.

A contemporary, open concept living space with a very strong focal point – a funky, asymmetrical fireplace… What a facelift!



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