OCHBA 2006 - Best Basement Design

Our Client’s 1185 square foot basement had yet to be finished and with 8’ height ceilings, they realized the potential that this space had to be the spot in Orleans - for entertainment and that is exactly what this basement became.

award_2006basementWe designed a multifunctional space complete with a games room and bar, a soundproof home theatre, a powder room and a wonderful gym. We wanted to design a space that was open, bright and visually interesting with lots of built-in detail to catch the eye.

Curved lit cove bulkheads hid the mechanical, and posts were incorporated into built-ins and niches where ever possible. The challenge with most basements is incorporating posts, beams, mechanical and plumbing in such a way that makes them disappear.

The curved, lit cove in the games room not only adds interest to the ceiling line but it also adds height. In the Theatre, the lit coves add ambiance – the perfect viewing atmosphere.

The custom glass countertops created by Delfina Falcao adds a certain je ne c’est quoi that catches the eye of most guests. To further add to the visual interest we incorporated several lit drywall niches, custom millwork, a glass block partition and a strongly contrasting color palette - all components that when combined create the whole.

A basement need not look like a basement…



(note: click on an image above to see larger scale)


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