Renovations/Additions - $40,000 to $100,000

roy_additionOur clients had two goals in mind when we were approached for the design of this renovation.

The first goal was to update and beautify the front of the house, especially the entrance.  In its existing state it was rather understated.  We wanted the entrance to be the focal point and achieved this with the addition of prominent two-toned stucco columns, a sweeping archway, a new vestibule and two new  front windows.

The second goal was to add a family room to our clients home without increasing the existing footprint.  Being right on the Rideau River it was imperative that we maximize the view of the river.

The existing garage was converted to a family room and the view of the river maximized with fenestration.  The existing 3’x3’ landing was enlarged to 5’x5’ and opened up to the dining room.  As minor a detail as this may seem, our clients feel this to be a dramatic difference.

We then converted the existing carport into the new garage.  In many cases, a garage at the front of a house is a necessary evil; in this case, bringing the garage forward further strengthened the front elevation.  The repetition of the stucco and arch over the garage is reflective of the new entrance and unifies the front elevation as a whole.



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