Winner of OCHBA 2006 - Renovations between $100,000 & $250,000

Our Clients wanted a sleek, contemporary, clean lined home that would leave a lasting impression.  Accustomed to living in a Toronto loft, we needed to transform their 60’s split Bungalow into a flexible space with room to entertain, or just to contemplate.

The design needed to be unconventional yet functional.awards_2006project

The transformation started by removing most of the interior partitions and re-working the floor plan such that the end result would be reminiscent of a loft space.  The existing home was quite dark.  We needed to bring more natural light into the space. This requirement resulted in the only external design change.  The addition of several large windows and the addition of a sleek, contemporary, walnut front door.  With these structural design changes in place we began layering the interior detail – the key was to be unconventional while maintaining function.

Our design palette consisted of natural walnut, mat lacquer, mat and polished oversized cream porcelain tile and a subtle but strong colour palette.  We played with these elements throughout the home in different proportions.

The entrance sets the stage. Large glass/walnut barn doors separate the entry from the vestibule. Walnut niches flanked the entry to the living room, framing it’s entrance – making it more dramatic. Functionally, one niche acts as a catch all for mail and keys.  Everything has to have a place…

By enlarging the opening to the kitchen, hints of lacquer and walnut can also be seen from the entrance. There are many subtle details to catch the eye while maintaining a sense of upbeat tranquility.

A dramatic design change to the ground floor aside from the entrance and the removal of the partition between the dining room and kitchen, was the addition of 17’ of windows on two remaining exterior partitions of the dining room.

The 2nd level, originally a 4 bedroom layout was converted into a two bedroom design. We opened up the long, dark corridor by removing a partition and transforming the bedroom into a sitting room.  The existing bathroom was converted into the laundry room, and another bedroom became a large sleek bathroom – a combination of walnut, lacquer and concrete.

While the exterior of this home was left relatively untouched, the main focus of this renovation was on the interior… The transformation of a 60’s split into a contemporary ‘loft’. A perfect example of a design where the sum of the parts create the whole - Asymmetrical in nature while creating a perfect balance.



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