OCHBA 2008 - Custom kitchen: under 179 sq.ft

 The compact, highly functional, and bold design of this tiny kitchen is a study in the clever maximization of space.  Upper cabinets over the sunroom doorway connect the visual components to essentially “wrap” the kitchen around the room. Silver polished quartzite floors, custom_kitchen2009custom red lacquer cabinetry, dark smoky granite countertops and textured glass backsplash add drama to the space, while the addition of a new window brings much needed light into the interior.

Every square inch of space is utilized; from the appliance garage to open shelving for cookbooks and mail to drywall returns that allow the upper cabinets to abut the window – no detail is spared. The entire composition is trimmed with an asymmetrical 4” crown and side panels that add dynamic architectural detailing to the compact design.

The clients wished for a unique, daring, but highly functional space - the end result delivers a high octane design that makes great use of all available square footage without restricting movement or style - bringing this tired old kitchen boldly into the 21st century.



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Kitchen Design



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