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Bruce House provides supportive housing and compassionate care to people living with HIV and AIDS in Ottawa. With a high demand for beds, a grant was received to add a large addition to the Evered residence.

In order to complete the project, seven design firms were asked to participate in the Bruce House Designer Showcase. Each of the honoured design firms was given a room in the house to design and build. All design, fixtures, fittings, finishes and materials were donated by our firm, suppliers and craftspeople. This bathroom was finished in Fall 2005.

The bathroom was required to be wheelchair accessible and was to be used by a number of residents. These were the only requirements given to us by our client, Bruce House. Our goal was to create an elegant, soothing, and sustainable design that the residents could enjoy for many years to come.

Many elements of this bathroom are made of green/sustainable materials, and where possible, non toxic materials have been used.

A slab of tinted, polished concrete, a locally produced product, containing recycled materials, was a great stylish and sustainable option for the vanity. The mosaic tile extends wall to wall above the vanity where a large mirror floats, supported by concrete standoffs. The large square vessel sink centered on the concrete counter completes the vanity design.

Adjacent to the vanity three tall storage cabinets, make a very strong design statement. To minimize off-gassing, the cabinets were constructed of strawboard and finished in a very dark stain sealed with a clear lacquer. Each cabinet has two 3”x3” squares cut into the doors which, when backlit, add dramatic detail.

The walls are faux finished using two different techniques, and two contrasting colors, again to create a subtle visual statement.

A beautiful detail that adds to the elegance of the design is the addition of three 12”x42” custom glass art pieces. This art glass was created using recycled glass, and cast-offs that would otherwise be thrown out. The glass, like the mirror, floats in front of the wall and is supported by chrome standoffs.




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