award_details98OCHBA 1998 - Best Detail

This very unique dividing wall was inspired by the famous 'Willow Chair', designed by architect Rene Mackintosh.  The cubic design opening upwards in a 'V' formation creates visual interest and accentuates the height of the arched corridor. 
The cubic openings allow light to pass through both sides creating an interesting play on shadow.  As one can see, light plays an important role in defining the design.

The 'Mackintosh Wall' was designed with three goals in mind.  Firstly, to separate the dining room from the entrance and to act as a visual break in the 52 foot arched corridor.  Secondly, to be visually interesting from all points of view - a piece of art in itself; and thirdly, to act as a display for artwork.  The custom designed, half-moon entrance table was designed with the latter in mind.

As the lighting designer for this home, the fixtures for the corridor were selected to enhance the wall design.  The sleek, black cubic design of these fixtures reflect the cubic nature of the wall and visa versa.



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