OCHIBA 2003 - Best Custom Home Under 2400 sq. ft.


Unconventional design can be both visually exciting and a refreshing change.  When it is applied to residential design, it can also lift a home out of the ordinary.
Our design approach on this project was to combine form and function in such a way that they became indistinguishable - functionality with artistic appeal.

The design, with strong emphasis on geometric shape, intersected by clearly defined horizontal planes and the combination of raw materials further reflects the modernist influence.

Once inside, the eye is drawn to several details that leave a lasting impression from the stone "wedge" that intersects the home and the angled staircase to the centrally located, multi-functional sculptural detail.







Southam Design has been winning awards since 1995. Here is the list from 1995 to 2005

2005: Recipient of “Top Forty Under 40”

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